Photoshop Manipulation | Realistic Background Changing Tutorial

In this tutorial,  I will show you how to change a photo background in photoshop using multiple images.  The original photo of the boy was clicked in road side but after manipulation, you can see that its look like the boy is at a hill station. Watch the full tutorial to know how I edit this image.

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Into The Fog Photoshop Manipulation Tutorial

Creating a foggy atmosphere in photoshop. Watch full tutorial, here i used advanced smoke brush to create this foggy weather. 

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Fire Effect Photoshop Manipulation Tutorial

Fire effect in photoshop full tutorial. Learn Hollywood movie poster style photoshop manipulation. Watch this tutorial and I will show you how I use multiple fire stock images in Photo Manipulation. 

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Photoshop Website Design Tutorial - The Tourism Website Making

The Tourism photoshop website design tutorial. Watch the full tutorial to learn photoshop and website designing. 

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Stain Photoshop Action Download

Model Credit - Lady Stock Image

Your Files

  • Photoshop Action File
  • Photoshop Brush File
  • Photoshop Pattern File
  • Text Help File


  • Non-destructive action
  • Adjustable Layers
  • Work with JPG


  • This Action Tested and working in CS6 and CC 2014, 2015 photoshop version.
  • Work only with English language photoshop
  • Be sure your photoshop set to RGB color , 8Bits/Channel
  • Set the Opacity brush and flow to 100%

Pixel Matic Webpage Design in Photoshop Tutorial

This time we make a tutorial of Website designing using the adobe photoshop cc. In this tutorial you will learn how to create a website home page design. in photoshop, you will learn about Using Shape tool. Layer blending and how to use drop shadow in a layer, 3D layers just using shadow. 
Here we use multiple Fonts and Color combination.
Watch the full tutorial to learn Website Designing and Photoshop. Thank You.

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