Antiq Watercolor Photoshop Action Download


 1. Open Actions Panel (F9 / Window –› Actions);
 2. Use menu "File › Open..." to load the action;
 3. Load Brushes from the package:
    1) Use menu "Edit › Presets › Preset Manager" for CS6+ versions
       or "Edit › Preset Manager" for CS3-CS5 versions;
    2) Choose "Preset Type: Brushes" and load brush file;
 4. Open your picture (1000 - 5000 px, 2500 optimal, 72-300 dpi);
 5. Create new empty layer, name it "brush" (all lowercase);
 6. Paint over your object on "brush" layer;
 7. Choose the action "Make Watercolor" and play it;
 8. You can change the color of your result with changing "colorize"
          layer (double click on the layer icon in the "Layers" panel);

 1. Create new empty layer, name it "color" (all lowercase);
 2. Draw the areas that you want to colorize (that areas must not be
    too dark);
 3. Play the "Add Color" action.

Watch the video tutorial