3D Dispersion Photoshop Action Download

3D Dispersion Photoshop Action
Here is one of my most favourite Action. I know after watching this post you really want to make your photo like this effect, don’t worry guys. In this article and with the video tutorial, I’m going to demonstrate how to use 3D Dispersion Action in Photoshop.

Software Used: 1) Adobe Photoshop CS4 or higher. (Adobe Photoshop CC recommended)

Load the image you want to edit and make sure that your image resolution is above 1500px.
Then go to Edit>Mode and make sure that your image RGB Colour and 8bit channel is checked.
Then click on Layer Option button(right side on the screen) > Layer Panel and then make sure that “add copy to copied layer” box is checked.
Click on Brush drop-down menu> click on brush option> Load Brush> Load the 3D Dispersion brush you just download from here.
Go to ‘Edit’> Preset> Preset Manager> set ‘Preset Type’ to ‘Pattern’> click on ‘Load’> Load the 3D Dispersion Pattern.
Go to ‘Windows’> Action>(in action panel box) menu> Load Action> Now load 3D Dispertion.atn file.
Create a new Layer and name it “area”. Now on the ‘area’ layer, choose any colour you want and paint on the picture where you want to place the effect. (For better understanding, watch our Video Tutorial)
Go to ‘Action Panel’> 3D Dispersion Photoshop Action> Click on ‘Up’> Click on ‘Play’ button.
NOTE: Before Play the action, 1) Make sure that ‘area’ layer is selected.
                                                     2) The image you using is locked as ‘Background’ layer.
                                                     3) The ‘Opacity’ of the brush is 100%.
Now wait for 2-5 minute and then your image will automatically change like a 3D dispersion style.
After that, I changes little bit on the picture. If you want to know about the changes and using more effect then watch the video tutorial. Thank You.

Fast Photoshop Action Free Download

Another simple but cool photoshop action is here. You can see the above image that it is a motion blur type photoshop action. Fast Photoshop action is an action that can make your photo like a moving object. This action works in CS3 or any above version of photoshop(English version). To know how to play this action then watch our video tutorial. 

Click here to download the action

Double Exposure Photoshop Action Download

Here is the another cool photoshop action for you friends. The double exposure photoshop action is now very popular in the designer world. 
Here I give you free Double Exposure Photoshop Action. If you don't know how to use the action in photoshop then visit our youtube channel and subscribe us. A video tutorial link is given below, must watch the tutorial for better understanding. If you new in photoshop then it the best opportunity for you to learn photoshop at online by our video tutorials. If you like this action and our video tutorial then please comment below and if possible share this post. 

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Click here to download Double Exposure Photoshop Action.